Product Review – AromaGo

16 Mar

A few months ago, I met Kyle, a co-founder of a company called AromaGo. Kyle is an athlete and runner just like me (wait, did I just call myself a runner? I’m not a runnER. I just run), and has combined his passion for business, athletics, and healthy living into this aromatherapy product. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to aromatherapy products… I’ve bought some in my life and never been able to pinpoint a new benefit, but if something smells good and has a claim… I’ll give it a shot.

AromaGo comes in a few varieties, considering I do my long runs at the ass-crack of dawn on Saturday mornings (I have a fear of getting hit by a car, among other things… avoid traffic), I thought it was appropriate for me to bring along my Revive stick. It was really small and fit perfectly in the pouch of my fuel belt. Sweet.

Truthfully, I forgot about my AromaGo stick until I went for my Clif Shot Bloks at about mile 10. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add a little excitement to my run in the form of scent. I awkwardly unscrewed the cap (it was a little tough to do while running) and took a big inhale from the top. Initially, an overwhelming smell of peppermint, followed by eucalyptus. Apparently there’s also “borneol”and “camphor” but… I have no idea what those are so I am unable to identify them.

Did I feel an immediate jolt of energy after I inhaled the AromaGo? Not really. Did it make my run more enjoyable? Yes. Did I find myself going for fewer Clif Shot Bloks and instead, inhaling my AromaGo? Absolutely. To my knowledge, there’s inhalable substitute for electrolyes (and I probably should have been more careful), because I found myself keeping the AromaGo clutched in my hand and inhaling it every few minutes. It certainly didn’t hurt my run, although I wish that when I tried to apply it to my upper lip and nose, it actually stayed there (I sweated it off… what can I say, I sweat a LOT).

There you have it, folks. If you’re  fan of affordable, compact aromatherapy products that can either wake you up (Revive) or help you relax (Relax), this is the perfect product for you. AromaGo is mainly available in NYC, but you can also place orders through their website… and if you’re nice, I’ll give you Kyle’s email address, and he can likely arrange for in-person pickup and payment in Boston.

Days until the Boston Marathon: 33


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